Los Angeles, CA
Jan 15

Company Description:

VaynerCommerce is a Growth Engineering Firm. Initiated in 2018, it officially launched in 2020 as a new type of firm for modern brands to partner with to drive sustainable growth. VaynerCommerce is a digital-first firm that takes an engineering approach to driving sustainable growth. It was started by former early Shopify Plus employees, and was born from the frustration that brands were left with no good options in the market when it came to building sustainable online customer growth. VaynerCommerce services as a strategic partner, with an implementation arm across data science, engineering, design, financial modeling, media & creative, and merchandising for brands that want to sustainably grow their Direct-to-consumer business. VaynerCommerce works across Fortune 100, Venture Capital, and Private Equity-backed consumer brands.

We're rigorous about how we build our team, and the work we focus on. We're building some of the most complex solutions in the world of Commerce which requires hard work, collaborative teams, and creative problem solving.

Job Description:

The Creator supports VaynerCommerce growth engagement and performance teams by executing high level editing and creative production. This role is highly cross-functional, collaborating closely with acquisition, retention, conversion, product and brand teams, to produce data-driven content to improve outcomes across creative.

You are the unfiltered engine of the volume model. You live to make and connect with consumers with your unique methods of storytelling. You have 5 key areas that you excel at:

  • Ability to autonomously ideate and create content at scale. Ideas and Making on loop. (speed and volume)
  • Starting to understand what ideas are working and building ideas from there.
  • Your amazing skillset works to change advertising VS advertising changing your amazing skillset
  • Engage and educate the agency/industry in new forms of storytelling. This will happen by osmosis.
  • Just make.


  • Autonomously ideate large volumes of content across multiple media platforms and tools, with guidance from creative leadership
  • Stellar editing skills with a strong sense for storytelling, pacing, watchability, and creative use of text.
  • Create content that pulls consumer attention and drives both Click-through and Conversion
  • Support Senior Creators and Creative Lead in production planning and execution.
  • Collaborate with your teammates and cross functional departments on rapid fire requests and tight timelines
  • Attend creative brainstorms, kick offs, and team meetings contributing ideas and design strategy formulation


Experience / Knowledge Required:

  • 4+ years professional creative experience, with a demonstrable passion for making creative content on a spectrum of media platforms - social, streaming, AR, music, film, interactive, etc.
  • Experience Editing with advanced level of proficiency in Premiere Pro and an intermediate or better understanding of After Effects.
  • Additional experience with any of the following is a plus
  • Videography/Photography: DSLR
  • Writing: Google Docs / Word
  • Art/Design: Adobe Suite / Google Slides / Canvaa
  • Superior content creation skills, capable of execution from start to finish, with a passion for various kinds of creative outlets including design, video, editing and writing
  • Responsible, accountable, and self starter who consistently demonstrates initiative
  • Strong ability to collaborate with the individuals of an organization, fostering strong cross-functional teamwork and positive results.


  • Passionate about lead generation, retention marketing, and driving bottom line results. Loves "growth hacking"
  • Desire to work in an entrepreneurial company and drive immediate results
  • You're incredibly passionate about the Direct-To-Consumer space
  • You love to push the boundaries of creative thinking and content
  • You're not romantically attached to creative but instead love to leverage data and insights to inform your creative approach




Los Angeles, CA



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