Real Time Artist


Los Angeles, CA
Feb 4

Company Description:

TiltShift is Publicis Groupe's full-service virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and immersive reality experience factory.

Job Description:

Entry level Unreal Engine Artist to work with major automotive brands as well as none automotive brands. The ideal candidate is experienced in lookDev/Lighting and layout within Unreal Engine. Candidates should have a strong understanding of composition and lighting principles in order to create aesthetic, functional, and photo real outputs.

The ideal candidate will be well versed in content creation and Blueprints in Unreal as well as knowledge in substance and zbrush. Possessing a passion for creating stunning real-time visuals and experiences while being capable of addressing some technical aspects of development is beneficial.


  • Create high-level CG elements for use in client projects.
  • texturing, lighting, shading, environment layout, and rendering.
  • Work efficiently to meet deadlines and monitor output quality and render efficiency.
  • Integration and layout of real-time assets based on concept design and/or photographic reference.
  • Integration and/or layout of scene cameras using real-world specifications.
  • Creation or modification of procedural environment shaders in Unreal Engine.
  • Environment lighting and look development using both dynamic and baked lighting workflows.
  • Creation of both still and in-motion beauty renders from within the scene environment.
  • lookDev and beauty lighting photo realistic vehicles
  • working with creative teams to design and execute interactive experiences using Unreal
  • Create interactivity & UI - Create interaction and functionality using Unreal’s Blueprints and UI systems
  • Material Creation - Design PBR materials in Unreal as well as develop best practices for other artists
  • Lighting - Understand and employ Unreal’s lighting and light bake systems
  • AR / VR - Knowledgeable in augmented and virtual reality experience design and execution
  • Testing and R&D - Prepared to develop and deploy workflow and development solutions to the team


  • 1+ years experience creating real time content .
  • High or mid-level expertise in Unreal and Unity is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Z Brush, Substance, Nuke, and Shotgun like asset managers.
  • Works well in deadline-drive environment.
  • Strong communication skills; team player.




Los Angeles, CA



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