Technical Artist - Animation Rigger


Redwood City, CA
Feb 21

Company Description:

IMVU is a global 3D avatar-based social community of users who come together to play, interact, and make friends. Far beyond traditional social media, IMVU users customize an avatar representing themselves to express and interact with other avatars creating a greater sense of social presence – the feeling of being with someone else as if you’re physically there.

Today, over 6 million IMVU users every month enjoy the freedom to live the life they create through highly-stylized avatars, interacting with friends in immersive chat rooms, shopping for new looks, and sharing their experiences. IMVU is an expressive and collaborative world which includes over 50,000 creators making real money using design tools to create looks and rooms to sell in the IMVU Store.

To continue our success, we are building an even better way for friends to spend time together, in 3D, first on mobile and later in VR. The new platform will support advanced real-time play and interaction of all kinds, and a marketplace for creators (UGC) of realistic virtual goods, spaces, games and social experiences. It’s the most ambitious technical stack for a 3D virtual world ever conceived for Mobile, enabled by the latest advances in consumer mobile devices. Come help us build the future of Social.

Job Description:

IMVU is looking for a strong technical artist with model rigging experience.  The ideal candidate is a strong generalist who likes solving novel issues in a dynamic platform building environment.  Our team is focused on creating next-generation avatars for a new platform.




Job Requirements:

  • At least 2 years model rigging experience on character models
  • Character modeling ability
  • Ability to animate characters at a professional level
  • Understanding of game engine imports (Unity or Unreal Engine or equivalent)
  • Strong communication (visual, written, oral) skills
  • Portfolio showing recent and relevant artwork
  • Maya scripting ability


  • Make necessary changes to the avatar system that supports end users
  • Collaborate with other artists and product teams within the company
  • Successfully create a game avatar and character
  • Set up an IK system

Bonus Skills:

  • Deep understanding of IK rigging
  • Blend tree and State Machine construction
  • Successfully built artist-friendly scripts tools and/or pipelines for animation and 3D models/materials/textures.
  • Knowledge of physics systems
  • Experience with muscle, hair and cloth systems
  • Understanding of face modeling and rigging for expressions
  • Exposure to AR/VR environments and applications.




Redwood City, CA



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