Level Artist


Apr 5

Company Description:

Let's face it - cardio machines are among the most underutilized machines at fitness centers around the world. Why? Plain and simple - they're boring.

We bring new life to boring cardio machines by immersing users into VR environments based on real or imaginary locations. Our VR Fitness platform HOLOFIT brings entertainment, competition and motivation to users'​ cardio fitness while opening up new revenue streams for gym operators.

A great attraction and retention tool, HOLOFIT offers users the opportunity to row, bike or run through Ancient Babylon on their own or compete against others, track their progress and advance their fitness to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Check it out: https://youtu.be/8X5E-5VTrtE

Job Description:

Holodia is looking to recruit a level artist to strengthen its team and its ability to produce immersive and interactive virtual environments.

Please send your CV and portfolio to Nicolas Klethi nklethi@holodia.com

Don't hesitate to attach any other references, such as your GitHub, Gitlab or CodinGame profile.


  • Development of moodboards and concept arts.
  • Designing new environments taking into account the technical limitations of supported platforms.
  • Optimization and improvement of existing levels.
  • Integration, animation and staging of the elements produced by the graphic team.
  • Creative proposals for the development of new gameplays and interactions within the levels.


Expected skills

  • Animation skills.
  • Solid knowledge of Unity.
  • Solid knowledge of lighting and shading.
  • Past professional experience in the development of video games, VR or 3D applications.
  • Understanding VR and its limitations.
  • At ease with Git.
  • A good command of English. Written and oral.

Desired skills

  • Understanding Shading nodal (Shader Graph or ASE)
  • Modeling skills would be a plus.
  • C-programming skills would be a plus.
  • Character design skills would be a plus.


  • Versatile, autonomous, responsive, pragmatic.
  • Good attitude. Easy to work as a team and remotely.
  • Creative, full of proposals and great ideas.
  • Interest in sport.







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