Software Engineer, Unity Developer, Team Manager


Remote, Los Angeles
Feb 28

Company Description:

At AtlasMate, we are building a premium social networking platform. We believe the purpose of a digital social network is simple – extend and complement users’ social lives. As such, we plan to implement a business model that actually supports that value proposition. A subscription model to non-invasively utilize our users’ location and safely connect them with their friends and surroundings. Unlike existing social networks, AtlasMate’s success is measured by seamless user connectivity, not virality.

Job Description:

We are looking for a software engineer who is willing to work with us in a part-time capacity (approximately 3-4 hours a week). We would like this engineer to oversee and audit the work of our mobile application developers on a weekly basis. There is an opportunity for a larger full-time role in the future, if there is mutual interest.


Audit and oversee our foreign mobile app developers and report directly to the co-founders.


3+ years of technical experience, knowledgeable about Unity development.



Remote, Los Angeles



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